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About Arrow and A.E. Petsche Co.

At A.E. Petsche Company we guide innovation forward, where the possible intersects what is practical. As a leader in forward thinking we can help you develop the tangible future of Five Years Out. Since 1966, A.E. Petsche Company has become widely recognized as the world’s leading supplier of high-performance interconnect products and related services including wire and cable, connectors, and additional components. Innovation has been at the very core of our business since our founding, everyday we are discovering how new technologies, new supply chain innovations, and new talent will work in the future. Our team includes more than 200 employees worldwide across 21 locations in 11 countries. In 2009 we were acquired by Arrow Electronics, the world’s leading distributor of electronic components, through which we leverage virtually all of the top manufacturers and latest technologies to provide both standard and customized solutions for your application. Whether it’s for the Military, Commercial Aviation, Shipbuilding, Rail or yet-imagined industry, we help our customers innovate by working together to anticipate their needs today and Five Years Out. 
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