Device Technologies, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing high performance wire protection, cable management, and other specialty fasteners for over two decades. Its standard products include Spring-Fast® Wire Protection Grommet Edging, Trim-Fast™ Edge Trim, Seal-Fast™ Edge Seals, Fast- Drop™ Fiver Bend Radius Control Modules for Cable Management, EMI/RFI Shielding and Thermal Management Materials, and a wide selection of collaborative custom designed products.

A.E. Petsche carries harness protection from DTI Technologies, Inc. for high performance wire and cable protection in helicopters, military transports, business jets, and general aviation aircraft. Approved by the FAA and U.S. Department of Defense per NASM (National Aerospace Standard, Metric), this type of harness protection offers an abrasion resistant subsurface and polymer cushion that provides a soft surface on which wire and cable are protected. For more detailed information, click on the specification listed below.

DTI Device Technologies, Inc. Harness Protection


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