Designed to meet the requirements of Mil-DTL-55302, Incon’s connector line represents the culmination of materials and electronics research in the connector field. Their connectors demonstrate high reliability, precision, and exceptional performance for use in military as well as non-military equipment and are designed to connect printed circuit boards, chassis and cables in any environmental condition.

With more than 45 years of successful connector manufacturing, Incon is the company for all of your connector needs.

A.E. Petsche provides Incon rectangular connectors that meet mil-spec standards for printed circuit subassembly and their accessories. This product ranges in size from 3 to 208 contacts and allows for a variety of termination styles. Suitable for aerospace, military, marine, and industrial markets, Incon connectors offer a high performance and reliable solution for your interconnect needs. For more detailed information, click on the specification listed below.

Incon Connectors


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