International Wire Group, Inc. headquartered in Camden, New York is the largest bare copper wire and copper wire products manufacturer in the United States with operations in Europe. We, together with our subsidiaries, manufacture and market wire products, including bare and tin-plated copper wire, engineered wire products and high performance conductors for other insulated wire manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers or “OEM’s”. Our products include a broad line of copper wire configurations and gauges with a variety of electrical and conductive characteristics, which are utilized by a wide variety of customers primarily in the industrial and energy, electronics and data communications, aerospace and defense, medical products, automotive, and consumer and appliance industries. We manufacture and distribute our products from facilities located in the United States, France, Italy, and Poland.

The culture of our company is based on the concept of continuous improvement, and we strive to satisfy our customers on the basis of quality, reliability, price, reputation, customer service and on-time delivery.

We are committed to the highest quality standards for our products, a standard maintained in part by continuous improvement to our production processes and upgrades and investments to our manufacturing equipment. We continually adapt our equipment to satisfy the changing needs of our customers. We maintain advanced quality assurance and testing equipment to ensure the products we manufacture will consistently meet our customers’ specifications and quality requirements.