Loos & Co. is the leading manufacturer of military specification steel wire rope (MIL-DTL-83420) which is predominately used as flight controls in aircraft around the world. As an OEM supplier you can purchase the same quality cable used by the world’s top aircraft manufacturers. OEM specification cable is also available. In addition to the cable, Loos is a leading manufacturer of safety locking wire to all of the recognized specifications. Loos is also a PMA, FAA approved manufacturer of nearly 4,000 Boeing wire rope cable assemblies. Under a licensing agreement with Boeing, Loos has access to the latest revisions of all of Boeing’s specification for flight control cable assemblies. Be sure to specify Loos for your wire rope and locking wire requirements.

A.E. Petsche provides a broad selection of Loos & Co. wire and cable products that meet international aerospace and commercial standards, such as BMS (Boeing) and NASM (National Aerospace Standard, Metric). Besides safety wire and wire rope, our other types of Loos & Co. products also comply with military standards for high temperature applications. Click on any of the specifications listed below for more detailed information.

Loos & Co. Wire & Cable

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