Specialty Cable Corporation is a longtime supplier servicing all aerospace markets since 1925. SCC is a leading manufacturer of flight critical and high temperature aerospace wires and cables. SCC supplies U.S. Military and commercial aerospace cables that meet or exceed the requirements of all the major manufacturers of aircraft and aerospace systems. Their engineering expertise and broad manufacturing capabilities enable them to produce cables to exacting specifications and for applications operating in hostile environments up to 1000°C. Additionally, SCC specializes in designing High Performance Custom Engineered cables for OEM’s with medical electronics, transducers, sensors, thermocouples and high temperature industrial applications. They are committed to continuous improvement and maintain certification to the latest requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

A.E. Petsche provides a broad selection of SCC cable products for aerospace, military, or commercial applications that meet international standards, such as NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association), SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), and more. The specific types of wire and cable include hook up, high temperature, mil-spec, and high speed rail. Click on any of the specifications listed below for more detailed information.

SCC Wire & Cable

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