Zippertubing® creates the most versatile protection ever devised for wire, cable, tubing, and other materials. We offer wrap-around, repairable, re-enterable, flexible jacketing and shielding systems that feature multiple, unique closures allowing fast, easy use on new or existing installations.

Our standard, special and custom engineered solutions provide bundling, thermal management and EMI hardening, as well as flame, chemical and abrasion resistance. The wide selection of materials and constructions makes Zippertubing® your choice for practical and effective solutions for almost any type of industry where protection is needed. The Zippertubing® Company is where teamwork and hard work are combined to produce engineered, quality work for today’s solutions and tomorrow’s products.

With four generations of customer experience and product expertise, Zippertubing® continues to produce engineered solutions around the Globe. Incorporated in 1957, The Zippertubing® Company has been an innovative force in every conceivable kind of application. Many of these applications have been the basis for continuous improvements and additions to our product line. New jacketing and shielding materials have been added to meet the ever changing specifications and requirements in today’s marketplace.

Applications for Zippertubing® cross all industry lines. While most uses are for Electronic and Electrical equipment, the wide selection of materials and constructions makes Zippertubing® a practical and economical solution for almost any type of service where protection is needed.

Aerospace, Military, Marine, Automotive/Truck/Bus, Railroad, Industrial/Commercial, Energy, Medical/Dental,
Electronics, Food Industry