Wire and Cable Testing & Analysis

In addition to our industry leading line card and supply chain solutions A.E. Petsche has partnered with Lectromec to provide additional services to our customers. Lectromec helps organizations worldwide improve the safety and readiness of their air fleet and reduce costs associated with aircraft maintenance. With over 30 years of experience in wire and cable testing, evaluation, and analysis, Lectromec can help you through your certification program. Their lab is armed with a wide variety of environmental, thermal, mechanical, and chemical test equipment. There are several testing and analysis options for wire and cable testing including:

  • EWIS Risk and Extention Assessment
  • ARC Damage Analysis
  • Aerospace Wire Degradation

Tests can be as simple as conducting a standard wire certification test or as in depth as developing a unique set of parameters to meet your requirements. Additionally, Lectromec can provide testing on connectors, circuit protection devices, protection sleeving, and a host of other components and systems.

At A.E. Petsche we provide our customers a broad set of solutions, contact us today to discuss your wire, cable, and testing needs.