VA- Laser Marking and Ink Jet Marking


Laser Marking & Ink Jet marking

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At A.E. Petsche we can offer both inkjet and laser printing capabilities for high quality contrast wire marking that does not damage the wire. Wire marking offers an alternative to individual marker sleeves and can therefore reduce weight and cost to the overall project. The methods in which we print do not apply any physical pressure to the wire, retaining its integrity.

Benefits of Wire Marking:

  • Ability to Identify Specific Wires
  • Streamline Assembly
  • Simplify Troubleshooting
  • Permanent
Laser Wire Marking Equipment

A.E. Petsche offers two different laser wire marking machines that are qualified and approved for use on the production line for most major aircraft’s. Both our laser marking machines have the capability to load up to 21 spools at once, which makes the set up time more efficient. Each wire can have up to three unique markings that are either vertical, horizontal, or a combination. Our two laser equipment offerings are:

ULYS 330-SL Modena Laser
The capabilities of this equipment allow us to mark all single core and multi core cables, from a variety of custom lengths and widths.

ULYS SL Modena Laser
Through the advanced features of this equipment including an automatic feeding system and multi-spool de-reeler, we are able to reduce the time to complete orders and minimize cable loss during handling.

ink jet Wire Marking Equipment

A.E. Petsche offers ink jet marking with the high speed M-100J Ink Jet Wire and Cable Marking System that can print on virtually any wire insulation product. The M-100J ensures this through its plasma technology to pre-treat the wire insulation before marking to ensure the applied ink will properly adhere to the wire surface. Immediately after printing the wire is ready for use.

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