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Wire and cable assemblies continue to become larger and more complex, growing the need for customized identification systems. At A.E. Petsche we offer a wide variety of wire labels, and wire and cable identification products. Utilizing these products can increase organization and identification of cable assemblies within an end-application usage. We have a vast selection of products in order to provide our customers with the right product for their project. Products include marker sleeves, heat shrink tubing, tie on markers and wrap around markers and labels. We can utilize our various printing machines including the T612M-DS and T312M for thermal printing, and Sumimark III for tubing and ribbons. Our tubing and wire cutting machines include the Silde Model 135 and Woodward SPHS8.

Benefits of Cable Labeling and Identification

  1. Ability to Identify Specific Cables
  2. Highly Customizable
  3. Simplify Troubleshooting and Installation


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