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A.E. Petsche operates under Mil-STD-790 Reliability Standard and High Reliability Standard, and is listed on the Qualified Product’s List, or QPL. As a Category C value added connector assembly distributor, A.E. Petsche Company can customize a wide range of connector types in-house, from stock. Applying our value add capabilities can reduce your overall investment as well as save you time on the production floor. Through these offerings you are able to tailor your order to meet your exact needs while also having the completed product delivered the way you need it. Our connector value added capabilities include both military and commercial product applications from multiple leading suppliers.

We meet special handling and packaging requests that follow your requirements to ensure that the product can be met at your door and put into your assembly more efficiently. Specific labeling and kitting is also available to help you quickly identify product throughout its lifecycle. We offer connector and component modification, contact termination and PC tails for your custom requirements as well.

Value Add Connector Offerings:

  1. 38999 series 1
  2. 38999 series 2
  3. 38999 series 3
  4. 26483 series 1
  5. 26483 series 2
  6. 5015 Front Release
  7. 5015 Rear Release
  8. Reversed Bayonet
  9. 83723 series 3
  10. M83513
  11. BVDs
  12. ARINC
  13. Vast array of manufacturer approved assembly modifications

Value Add Connector Manufacturer Offerings:

  1. Array
  2. Cinch
  3. Conesys
  4. Corsair
  5. Deutsch (TE)
  6. Glenair
  7. ITT Cannon
  8. Souriau


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