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Our in house services for pre-cut wire and pre-cut cable materials allow for additional customization on your order while also saving you time. Cut and stripped wire or cable products can be requested at specific lengths to fit what you need for your project, and spooled accordingly. Stripping is the removal of the outer jacket of a cable, in order to remove insulation without damaging the wire. By utilizing these services the wire and cable is at the right length for installation when it arrives at your warehouse, so you can get right to creating your end product. We have the capabilities to cut or strip virtually any wire or cable type including twisted pairs. Our machines for these services include a pneumatic wire stripper, portable wire processor that can complete both cutting and stripping, and a jacket remover.

Benefits of cutting and stripping:

  1. Increased Efficiency on Your Production Line
  2. Decreased Costs
  3. Minimize Waste and Extraneous Parts on Assembly Floor


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