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A.E. Petsche’s wire twisting services provide both ease of use and technical advantages. Twisted pairs reduce attenuation and reduce outside electromagnetic interference with the wires. The twist does not affect the flexibility of the wires. At A.E. Petsche we can twist up to 4 reels for twisted pairs or quadding. Twisted wire pairs can be provided shielded or unshielded.

TWD-101 & TD 1930

Our wire twisting machine offers a lot of additional benefits. Because of the ability to pull the wires at a constant speed we can ensure the proper lay length of your twisted wires. The additional features on this machine enable us to ensure the accuracy of your order, these features include a broken wire detector, an automatic stop function once at the desired length, and controls to fine tune the order and allow for trim area.

Benefits of Wire Twisting:

  1. Organization of Wires
  2. Prevent Electrical Interference
  3. Simplify Troubleshooting
  4. Customize Twisted Pairs or Quads


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