A.E. Petsche Company maintains a comprehensive range of cable connectors and accessories, as well as one of the largest offerings of Qualified Product Listed (QPL) and military approved connector products, backshells, and contacts. Off-the- shelf offerings of mil-spec connectors include circular, rectangular, miniature, fiber optic, ARINC, and RF configurations. A.E. Petsche provides the necessary component for every type of connector assembly design with a strict quality assurance process to ensure superior performance.

Contact us to speak with an expert and find the right connector solution for your specific aerospace, commercial or industrial application. We offer Class-C-Connector Assembly in our certified distribution facility, and our capabilities include standardized component configuration and custom assemblies.

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Contacts and Accessories

A.E. Petsche supplies connector contacts and various connector accessories that are designed to meet major specifications like BACC47, MIL-C- 39029, or EN3155. These products are compatible with many different styles of connectors (circular, rectangular, etc.).

Specific accessories include crimp contacts, backshells, sealing plugs, bushing sleeves, strain reliefs, mounting flanges, couplings, boots, and more. Our inventory of different sizes, terminations, and materials offers a solution for any aerospace, commercial, military, or industrial application. You can be sure to find the required accessory to complete your connector assembly at A.E. Petsche.

Every contact and connector accessory undergoes rigid quality assurance standards and is packaged under strict guidelines to meet your high performance and safety needs. Our efficient supply chain process guarantees the delivery of reliable, quality aerospace products.

Circular Connectors

A.E. Petsche offers an expansive list of circular connectors that are designed, manufactured, and distributed through world-class processes to meet all your needs. We are QPL-approved to distribute customized and standard circular connectors, manufactured to comply with various mil-spec and commercial specifications.

Our selection of cylindrical connectors includes many widely-popular military specifications such as MIL-DTL-38999 (Series I-IV), MIL-DTL- 26500, MIL-C- 5015, and MIL-DTL- 26482. This type of connector is designed to easily engage and disengage, withstand the most rugged environments, and perform under an extended range of voltage, current, and temperature ratings. Various finish materials provide protection against fluids, fire, shock, corrosives, and more. In addition, they are often hermetically sealed for circuits with specific performance requirements.

Circular connectors are ideal for aerospace, military, and commercial applications including electrical systems in aircraft, industrial machinery, medical equipment, rail cars, and other vehicles.

All cylindrical connectors are packaged and shipped with strict quality control to prevent damage and ensure exceptional performance.

Fiber Optic Connectors

Fiber optic connectors are superior in design, providing a reduced-size, light-weight assembly solution with long-term durability and performance. Standing at the forefront of world-class technology, these connectors are free of standard copper construction limitations.

A.E. Petsche can meet your needs in the fiber optic connector industry, offering mil-spec products that cover all the necessary components of fiber optic assemblies, including receptacles, termination, backshells, and more. Standard component configurations and custom assemblies are available.

Most commonly used in shipboard applications, these connectors are also designed for use in demanding aerospace, commercial, or military environments. Every fiber optic connector is subject to our rigid quality assurance process, ensuring the standards for compact and light-weight assembly design are met.

Miniature Connectors

A.E. Petsche carries a large inventory of miniature connectors compliant with mil-spec and commercial standards, including MIL-DTL- 38999 (Series I-IV), BACC 45, BACC 63, and more. Also known as microminiature or nanominiature, these connectors provide superior performance and versatility within severely limited spaces, making them multi-purpose and widely popular for every industry from medical to aerospace.

Miniaturized connectors can be circular or rectangular in configuration, and the different specifications offer multiple options of shielding, mounting, contacts, quick release design, and much more. They are highly resistant to harmful environments where shock, abrasion, flame, smoke, chemicals, and radiation are often encountered.

Customized connector assemblies are available in addition to standard configurations from A.E. Petsche. Our miniature connectors are held to the highest standards of quality and reliability in the industry. The rugged design of miniature connectors is compact for space and weight savings with no compromise in performance.

Rectangular Connectors

A.E. Petsche’s rectangular connectors are designed to meet a variety of mil-spec, ARINC, and EN (European) specification requirements. Today's commercial and military aerospace environments demand superior performance, which includes durability, compatibility, and reliability. Our rectangular connectors are designed to deliver all these features while also complying with several commercial and military specifications.

Rectangular box connectors are available in a variety of configurations (plugs, receptacles, jackposts, jackscrews, and more) with many contact arrangements to choose from. There are also several different termination types (crimp, solder, flex, circuit board, and wrap post) and protective versions (hermetic and environmental). Such a wide selection of construction types will ensure that you can find the right rectangular connector with proper mating to meet your needs.

All rectangular connectors are packaged and shipped with strict quality control to prevent damage and ensure exceptional performance. They are ideal for commercial, military, defense, and aerospace industries with any type of circuit board application, such as medical equipment, aircraft cabins, satellites, robotics, etc.

RF Connectors

AE Petsche’s broad coaxial connector offering covers a frequency range from DC-65GHz. Our connectors, depending on series selected, are in the true Radio Frequency range (up to 1 GHz), the microwave range (up to 20 GHz) or the millimeter wave (exceeding 20 GHz). They are available in multiple series styles and configurations. We carry over 700 QPL compliant military standard series connectors, adaptors, attenuators, dummy loads and terminations. These specifications provide a benchmark for interface intermatability, material standards, electrical and environmental performance criteria in an effort to ensure consistency, repeatability and functionality across multiple manufacturers.

In addition to supplying the military and defense market, our coaxial connector line is commonly used for high-frequency data transmission, wireless telecommunications, antennas, radios, microwave components, computer networks and more, servicing the medical, defense, aerospace, marine, automotive, rail, broadcast industries and others.

Our coaxial connectivity solutions are available in 50 & 75 Ohm impedance values and feature a variety of mechanical interface options, providing flexibility to accommodate package size and performance goals. All of our connectors accommodate a variety of cable types including flexible, semi-rigid and conformable.

You can also choose from a selection of base materials, finishes, terminations, and mounting styles which are all rigorously tested in accordance to the required test standards. Standard and semi-standard coaxial connectors, along with custom connector configurations and cable assemblies, are available.

Crosstalk in cellular and radar applications continues to be an issue that system shielding does not fully control. Many of our connectors are specifically designed to improve Passive Intermodulation Measurement {PIM} performance so that drop calls and interference in signal transmission is minimized.

All of our RF, microwave and millimeter wave connectors are stored, packaged and shipped with strict quality control to prevent damage and ensure exceptional performance.

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