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A.E. Petsche Company is the industry leading supplier of high-performance aircraft wire and cable. AEP offers the most comprehensive range of products available for use in demanding aerospace, commercial, military, rail or transportation related applications. AEP’s high-quality products, produced by leading manufacturers, are designed for applications where the choice of conductor, insulation, shielding, or jacketing is crucial for operational safety and performance.

In addition to the mil-spec and OEM standard configurations, custom and specialty wire and cable types can be built to meet the specific needs of any project. Our Value Added Services include cutting, stripping, labeling, kitting, striping, twisting, assembly, and more. Get a quote and customize your order of aerospace wire and cable.

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Mil-Spec Wire and Cable




High Speed Data Cables


OEM Spec Wire and Cable


European Spec Wire and Cable

Mil-Spec Wire and Cable

Mil-Spec wire and cable is manufactured in accordance with military specifications. It is designed for use in highly demanding applications, particularly in the aviation and aerospace industries, where extremely harsh operating conditions (i.e., high temperatures, pressures, and/or frequencies) are beyond what commercial wire and cable are designed to withstand.

Mil-Spec wire is ideal for use in a wide range of both military and non-military applications, such as those involving airframes, antennas, ground wire, heavy-duty vehicles, satellites, jet engines, weaponry, and various electrical systems. In addition to being rated for both high and low temperature environments, mil-spec wire and cable is highly resistant to abrasion, cut-through, and high-impact loading. Depending on its specific material make-up, it can also provide excellent protection against damage from moisture, fungus, and corrosive chemicals (fuels, solvents, alkalis, etc.).

In recent years, management of some military specifications has been transferred to non-governmental organizations, such as the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the National Electrical Manufactures Association (NEMA), among others.

RG/Coaxial Cable

Our coaxial cable meets the highest mil-spec and commercial standards. Designed with the highest quality standards, it is suited for the critical applications in the aerospace and defense industries, as well as other industrial use, including the information systems, transportation, and telecommunications industries.

Coaxial cable is available in a wide array of configurations. With a variety of different conductor sizes, grades, insulation, and coverings available, our selection is prepared for the environments and demands of today’s most competitive industries.

The variety of configurations we offer, such as RG Cable and MIL-C-17, address application requirements such as cable impedance, environmental temperature rating, working voltage, power rating and signal loss at specified frequencies. Many of the RG specifications exist within the MIL-C-17 requirement standards. In addition, our product line includes a range of characteristics for shielding, weight and other key electrical parameters.

Our coaxial cable is designed and manufactured for the stellar performance and reliability that today’s commercial, aerospace and defense industries require.

High Speed Data Cables

A.E. Petsche provides a large selection of high-speed data cables. With such a demanding applications as in flight entertainment and on-board WiFi, high speed data is of critical importance in aviation/aerospace. With so many attributes to consider such as bandwidth, weight, environment and application, it is of high importance to select the proper cable to meet your requirements.

OEM Spec Wire and Cables

A.E. Petsche features OEM spec products that are some of the most reliable and trusted wires and cables available for the aerospace and military industries. All of our OEM spec wire products are designed and tested to meet the respective OEM specifications for use in most areas of construction.

Whether you are transmitting power, data or signals, A.E. Petsche carries significant inventory for the major commerical, business jet, and helicopter manufacturers around the world. Our products are tested and certified to these customers' internal specifications and part numbers. Whether you are a sub-contractor or repair facility, these OEM spec wire and cables will meet your requirements.

European Spec Wire and Cables (EN Spec)

European Standards (ENs) are governed by three European Standardization Organizations (ESOs): CEN, CENELEC, or ETSI. Such standards are recognized as a collaborative effort in technical standardization per EU Regulation 1025/2012.

A.E. Petsche takes great strides to ensure the wire and cable specifications are compliant with EN standards. A.E. Petsche provides a variety of EN-compliant hook-up wires for high temperature aerospace applications that are available in single and multi-core designs. Different polyimide/PTEE insulation and jacketing provide excellent resistance to aircraft fluids, chemicals and more. These cables are UV-markable and they also have low smoke density and toxicity.

As a leader in forward thinking we can help you develop the tangible future of Five Years Out.

Whether it’s for the Hook Up Wire, Coaxial Cable, Shipbuilding, Rail or yet-imagined industry, we help our customers innovate by working together to anticipate their needs.

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