Wire Harness Protection

A.E. Petsche offers a wide range of wire harness protection products that provide cost effective solutions to protect critical electrical and cable systems. Our stock of wire harness protection products, tools, and related items include solder sleeves™, shrink tubing, molded parts, identification products, sleeving, aerospace tubing, terminals and splices, cable ties, and tools.

We also offer value added services including printing labels and cutting tubing to custom sizes to meet your specific needs.

Please contact us at if you do not see what you need on our website as we are adding new products every day.

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Identification Products


Solder Sleeves™


Shrink Tubing/Heat Shrinkable Molded Parts/Overbraids


Terminals and Splices


Contactors, Relays, and Circuit Breakers


Additional Products

As a leader in forward thinking we can help you develop the tangible future of Five Years Out.

Whether it’s for the Hook Up Wire, Coaxial Cable, Shipbuilding, Rail or yet-imagined industry, we help our customers innovate by working together to anticipate their needs.

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Innovation at the core of our business

Innovation has been at the very core of our business since our founding, everyday we are discovering how new technologies, new supply chain innovations, and new talent will work in the future.

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